A Sleeping Baby makes Writing Easier

Thanks to cyberspace, it is easier for mom’s to work from home while watching out for their children. I am proof of the fact that it can be done, though I began working as a freelance writer before I had children. When I had my first child, I was determined to continue working from home. However, as she got out of the sleepy infant stage, I began to doubt whether I’d be able to continue working or not.


Writing on the Run

infant-252x300Don’t get me wrong. I loved having my little girl get beyond the infant stage. Babies are more fun when they began exploring the world around them. The problem for me was that it seemed I had less time for writing and more time chasing her around the house, making sure she didn’t put that scrap of paper in her mouth or running to her when she forgot to move her arms when crawling and cried over a face-plant. Most days, things worked out okay, but then there were other days when I was trying to rush and meet a deadline or needed to clean house. Of course, my busiest times would be the day when she wanted to fuss or be a “hold me baby”. Those were the days when I’d miss those sleepy infant days more than anything and I became determined to try and figure out a way to make things a little easier on us both.

How I Slowed Things Down

NurseryGlider-300x201I couldn’t expect my growing little girl to sleep all the time on the days that I needed to work. I don’t make enough for expensive daycares and baby sitters. So, I had to find a better way. At first, I couldn’t even write at night unless I waited until 11pm or later, because that was her “bedtime”. I began to grow a brain after writing about the best gliders for nursery. Maybe if I could get her to sleep a little earlier, by gliding with her, she would sleep a little easier at 8-9pm instead of waiting until midnight. I’d have several more hours for “work” and then when morning came, I wouldn’t feel as though I’d be pulled in every direction all day. I figured the end result would be a happier, more relaxed me and perhaps she would also be less cranky.

Did It Work?

The glider worked great for getting her to go to bed at a more reasonable time, but often she would wake up around midnight instead of going to bed at that time. So, to further my potential success with getting her to sleep early and through the night, I also opted to look into the best crib mattress available. I wanted to find one that would encourage her to sleep more comfortably and perhaps longer. It worked great and soon I was able to stay ahead of my work load. I was getting work done well before my deadline and I was able to get the rest that I needed to function as her mom. I get all the writing done and I still have time to help my little girl grow. Now that she is over a year old, her sleep schedule is consistent. We have time during the day for playing and at night after I glide her to sleep, reading her favorite bedtime story, she sleeps all night and I’m able to work on the house or writing. Life is truly great again for this stay-at-home, work-from-home mom.