How I Unwind

If you are one of the many people in this world who, like me, work at a desk day in and day out; you know what tension is all about. It does not seem to matter what position you may choose to sit in, the aches still come. I’ve tried everything to make it easier on myself to work out the stiff shoulders, neck, and back that can come along with desk work. That is why I am here to tell you how I unwind at the end of a long day at work.

The Pain I Deal with Daily

posturecorrecterI spend hours per day at my computer. The pain sometimes gets so intense in my neck and shoulders that I question why I put my body through it. At least once a day I’m reaching for a pain reliever and still I could not find relief from the stiffened back, shoulders, and neck that I was dealing with. It starts with stiffness and becomes pain. If I continue to work through it, it gives me a tension headache that makes it hard to focus on the job at hand. Considering that I work often, until the late night hours, I knew I had to find something that would give some relief without all of the pain relievers.

The Things I’ve Tried

posturechairMy first stop was searching the internet for tips and tricks. They tell you to work for a bit and move around for a few minutes. I would get caught up in my work and avoid getting up to walk around. I read about changing the way you sit at your desk. Making yourself look up toward the monitor and down, propping feet up, keeping them on the floor, sitting with your back straight and close to the desk, and more. I read about how many suggest standing up to work at your computer. I tried that, but working as much as I do, I just ended up with sore, aching legs, although I will admit, I was moving around a lot more. I was giving up hope that I would ever find relief of the aches and pains that had become a daily part of my life. Then, I found my salvation in the form of a high pressure shower head.

My Discovery

massageshowerI know it may sound crazy. How can a shower help you relieve the tension so that it does not affect you the next day? What I discovered about myself is that even though I took a shower at night and then went to bed, I wasn’t becoming relaxed enough before going to bed. The high pressure of a good shower head can relieve the tension and make night time more restful. The body does not have to try and relax while you are sleeping, it is relaxed before you venture to the bedroom. The next day, I woke up feeling like a new woman. I felt like I was ready for the day to begin. The end result was a day that did not require pills to get through it. I tested the theory I had come up with after that and it continued to work for me. Therefore, when asked how I handle sitting at my computer every day of the week, I simply tell them, I unwind with my new shower head.